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The situation with Sprint ringtones is a bit different than with Nextel ringtones. Most Sprint cell phones do accept downloadable ringtones sent by SMS but the format that needs to be used in order to send a ringtone to a Sprint phone was long unpublished and only Sprint could offer ringtones for their own line of phones. However, the Sprint format is now known and people can get ringtones for Sprint PCS phones on this site. Please note that this system may not work with all Sprint PCS phones but, at least, it has been successfully tested with Sanyo Sprint phones.

Regarding Nextel ringtones, I would assume that their most recent phones (manufactured by Motorola) can accept downloadable ringtones, since Motorola has a good track record of freely allowing people to download ringtones directly by wireless Internet (WAP) connection, however, I haven't had a chance to test this so far. I encourage you to try the ringtones available on this site and let me know if it worked or not for your Nextel cell phone.

Tried all options and nothing works? What can be done about that? Not much. Like many others, you probably bought a phone only to learn later that your friends were able to download new ringtones on their own phones, then you assumed that you could do the same with your Nextel or Sprint phone and now you are realizing that you can't do it yourself for free. Maybe you can complain to your cell phone company for selling you a phone that doesn't have all the flexibility of other phones or maybe you can do just like others: select another of the preset ringtones and still pretend that you are original... considering that many others just stick to the default ringer selected at the manufacture.


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